I’m Still Trans

Even when you make it illegal for me to talk about being trans.

Even when you criminalize or deny me healthcare.

Even when you ban me from playing sports.

Even when you force me to use the wrong restroom.

Even when you push me out of spaces, orgs, and work places.

Even when I’m the butt of some comedian’s joke and the payday for some celebrity who builds their following on hate.

Even when politicians trade my life for votes.

Even when you bully, harass, mock, isolate, and dismiss me.

Even if you murder me through violence or silence.

Even when you make life so miserable that tomorrow feels impossible.

Even when you deadname and misgender me. Even when I don’t correct you.

Even when your religion condemns me.

Even when I’m not trans enough for you.

Even when you leave trans people out of your history books.

Even when you pathologize us.

Even when our allies, family, and friends abandon us.

Even in the closet.

Trans people have always existed.
Trans people will always exist.
You can’t change that.
We are cosmic.

You can break me, sure. But I’m only one seed among many, and you can’t stop spring.

You can’t touch my trans joy.

You may have the power to take everything from me, but I’ll remain

forever trans.

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